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Why Dice Consultancy?

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Expert Guidance in BI system Integration and implementation

Continuous support Data mining, processing and visualization

Offering Tailor-made solutions for Organizational Needs

About Dice Analytics

Dice Analytics offers Data Analytics services with a vision to support businesses learn the art of data analytics.
With our core values to Learn, Innovate and collaborate; our mission is to enable Data Analytics ecosystem in the Enterprises. The subject mission can only be achieved by educating human resources, executives and empowering them with required tools.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower the Data Analytics ecosystem to help organisations grow rapidly.
Leveraging your organizations' data assets. The most important opportunities, but the truth is that only 1-5% of all data is actually used. Dice Analytics uses the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with cheaper computing power to analyze unstructured data and convert it into valuable insights for business growth.

Our Mission

Helping businesses optimise their operations, creating competitive advantage and helping in growing faster by providing data services in the form of consultancy, trainings and recruitment.
Dice Analytics is focussed on building end-to-end capability of businesses with the help of establishing required platform, tools, and human resources.

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Our Great Clients and Partners

Dice Analytics is honoured to have worked and partnered with some great organisations!

Our Data Experts

Meet our Data Experts Trainers who brings in extensive experience & are devoted to equip trainees with the contemporary, employer-demanded techniques

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Mr. Ali Raza Anjum

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Mr. Nouman Mir

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Trainer Deep Learning for AI
Mr. Albab Ahmed

Deep Learning Engineer

Trainer, Internet of Things
Mr. Hasan Ijaz

Embedded Design Engineer

Trainer Big Data
Mr. Asim Rashid

Big Data Expert

Trainer Data Science & Machine Learning
Mr. Muhammad Zubair

Senior Data Scientist

Trainer, Business Analytics
Mr. Saad Farid

Business Partner Commercial - FP&A

Trainer, Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
Mr. Danish Bin Sofwan

Senior Data Engineer

Trainer, DevOps
Mr. Ali Kahoot

DevOps Engineer