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Advanced SQL Workshop in Lahore

Master SQL in Data Warehousing

About SQL Workshop

A 16 hours extensive workshop on “SQL” programming on Retail Industry Dataset! During this workshop, you will be able to learn SQL starting from basics and moving to advance level. Also, you will be covering SQL’s Analytical and Aggregate functions. In the hands-on, you will be using the technologies learned throughout the workshop under the supervision of trainers. Furthermore, you will also be offered preparation on 200 Plus Interviews Questions.

By the end of the workshop, you will be awarded completion certificate from Dice Analytics.

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16th Feb 2019


2 Days (Saturdays Only)


5000 PKR


10:00AM to 06:00PM


Nouman Mir & Nabeel Wyne


Management House, 95 J/1, Johar Town, Lahore

Meet the Instructors

Meet the trainers of this course who are BI experts & are highly experienced!


Nauman Mir

Data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Contextual Marketing and Trainer

Mr. Nauman Mir has almost 8 years of experience in telecom industry and his key expertise include Big Data techniques, planning, development, operations, performance tuning, campaign management and information security. He has been responsible for defining and implementing Business models, data marts, OLAP/Intelligent cubes, providing data level services for different analysis for Commercial teams.


Nabeel Waqar wyne

Data Analyst

Information Systems & Management graduate with a 2:2 honours degree from ‘The University of London’ with one and a half year of experience in field of BI and Data Analytics domain

Course Outline

Week 1

  • Database conceptual rudiments
  • Understanding usage & importance of Primary, foreign, composite & surrogate keys
  • RDBMS & SQL synopsis
  • SQL components: DDL, DML & DCL
  • Understanding datatypes & operators
  • Database creation
  • Table construction
  • Data insertions & understanding Insert clause
  • Usage of Select clause & performing data retrieval
  • Unique records retrieval: Distinct
  • Data insertion from another table: SELECT INSERT
  • Table deletion: DROP Table
  • Table modification: ALTER Table
  • Data filtration
  • Understanding usage of WHERE clause
  • Data list filtration: IN operator
  • SQL Logical Operators
  • Data sorting using ORDER BY clause
  • Handling NULL values
  • SQL Update statement
  • Delete/Truncate & understanding the difference
  • Top statement
  • SQL aggregation: Count, Average, Sum, Min & Max
  • Wildcard search using SQL LIKE clause
  • Renaming attributes & Aliasing
  • Understanding SQL Joins
  • Data retrieval from multiple tables
  • Usage & applications of Inner, Left, Right, Full and Self Join

Week 2

  • Cartesian Product & its applications
  • Joining tables through UNION/UNION ALL clause & understanding their difference
  • Data Aggregation using SQL Group By
  • Filtration on aggregated data by HAVING clause
  • SQL Data Casting
  • Volatile Tables & its applications
  • Volatile Tables – Advanced
  • SQL COALESCE statement
  • SQL Advanced Cases
  • String manipulation using SUBSTR
  • SQL If Else
  • Ordered Analytical Functions
  • Windows Aggregate Functions
  • Performing filtration on analytical functions using QUALIFY
  • Data ranking using ROW_NUMBER, RANK, DENSE_RANK & understanding practical applications
  • Finding running SUM
  • ROWs operations
  • Unbounded Preceding & Following operations
  • Intro to Subquery & its importance
  • Query Optimization
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • Data warehousing
  • DWH solutions
  • DWH Soft architecture
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Quality
  • Normalization
  • ETL techniques
  • Introduction to Teradata & its MPP architecture

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