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Python Workshop

About Python Workshop

Offering 2 days (Saturdays Only) extensive workshop on programming language “Python”! During this workshop, you will be able to learn Python starting from basics and moving to advance level. Also, you will be covering 2 packages of Python namely NumPy and Pandas.


In the hands-on project, you will be using the technologies learned throughout the workshop under the supervision of trainers. By the end of training, you will also be awarded certificate

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13th Oct, 2018


2 Days (Saturdays Only)


09:00AM to 06:00PM


5,000 PKR

Meet the Instructors

Meet the trainers of this workshop who are Python experts & are highly experienced!


Shoaib Khan

BI Expert | Data Science Expert

Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan holds a Computer engineering degree. He has vast work experience of over 6 years with Vendor & Telecom Companies. His key expertise is in domains of Business Intelligence...


Ali Abbas

Data Scientist | Data Science Instructor | Big Data Engineer

A data enthusiast able to efficiently leverage advanced knowledge statistical inference and machine learning to furnish insights and enable data driven business processes.


Muhammad Zubair

RF Engineer/Data Scientist

Muhammad Zubair is Data Expert, he has an extensive experience of RF Planning & Optimization DNA SAP BO Data Science Python...

Course Outline

Week 1

Basics of Data Science Flow

Anaconda Installation

Intro to Jupyter Notebook

Intro to Python

Python Objects & Data Structure

Subsetting (Strings, Lists, Dictionaries)

Python Comparison Operators

Python Statements

Methods & Functions

Importing Data in Python

NumPy & Pandas Basics in Python

Subsetting Data frames in Pandas

Statistical Flow

Types of Variables

Hands-On Assignments of Python


Week 2

Interactive Discussions on Last Week’s Assignments

Population vs Sample

Types of Study Design

Types of Sampling

Random Assignment

Correlation vs Causation

Blocking vs Confounding Variables

Hands-On Data Wrangling on Python

Data Cleaning in Python

String operations in Data Wrangling

Object Types Conversion in Data Wrangling

Data Aggregation using Group By, Pivot and Melt

Dealing with Multi-indexing in Data Wrangling

iloc vs loc for Subsetting Data frame

Hands-on Assignments of Data Wrangling


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