Webinar | Intro to Making Mobile Apps using React Native - Dice Analytics


Date: 19 November, 2022

Day: Saturday

Time: 06 PM – 08 PM

Duration: 2 Hours

Event Lineup

  • What is Android App Development?
  • What is iOS App Development?
  • What is Cross Platform App Development?
  • What is React Native, Why We Learn React Native?
  • Which Cross Platform Framework is better for my future?

Meet the Speaker

Meet the Speaker of this Webinar who is highly experienced in the field!


Usman Kazmi

CEO @ Dynamo Apps

Usman Kazmi has worked in the industry as a game developer, mobile app engineer and product manager, He has a combined experience of more than 7 years and currently has his own company providing mobile app development. He has done mobile apps for different genre companies, using react native, flutter, ionic, native iOS & android.

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