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With digital transformations running today’s hyper-connected world, Our full stack Data Analysts help in addressing the data challenges being faced!

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    Which starting date suits you the best?   1st May, 20213rd May, 20216th May, 2021

    Do you prefer classes on:   WeekdaysWeekends

    Which Timeslot do you prefer?   10AM to 3PM12PM to 4PM10PM to 3AM

    Are you :   ICT GraduatesICT Private Sector IndividualICT Govt Sector Individual

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    A.DecentralizedB.CentralizedC.Both A and BD.None of the above

    A.TRUEB.FalseC.Can be true or false

    A.TimestampB.HashC.Merkle treeD.Cryptography

    A.Merkle treeB.Cryptographic hashC.Genesis blockD.Temporary fork

    A.PrivateB.PublicC.Public PermissionedD.Permissioned

    A.Backward to previous blockB.Forward to next blockC.Not linked with each other

    A.PrivacyB.CurrencyC.PlatformD.All of the above


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    1. I certify that the information I have written on the application form and the documents I have submitted to be true and accurate.
    2. I understand and agree that any false or misleading information will justify a denial of admission into the training and/or dismissal from the program.
    3. I certify that I have carefully read the General Information and Application Guidelines sections on the Dice & PSEB website and I understand all requirements and restrictions for the training program.
    4. I, if selected, will submit the required bank draft & NOC (if applicable) before the start of training program.
    5. I will not drop the training in the middle if I got selected and will attend the complete classes.

    YOUR SIGNATURE: [signature user-signature cols:200 rows:150 ]

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