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Computer vision is a rapidly growing field in which machines are able to interpret and process visual information. This field has been enabled by advances in machine learning, deep learning and image processing.

Computer vision is used to build systems that are able to recognize objects, identify patterns and make decisions based on the visual data. It is used for applications such as autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, robotics, medical imaging and more.

With the right training and understanding, computer vision can be used to create powerful applications that are able to see and understand the world around them.

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25 February, 2023

Duration & Timings

8 Weeks (Sat & Sun)

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Urdu / Hindi

Seats Capacity

Limited seats!


Meet the trainer of this course.


Ahmad Tariq

Machine Learning Engineer

Ahmad is a Computer Vision expert with research experience in the area. He has worked on different projects based on Computer Vision and used latest deep learning architectures for solving Computer Vision problems like Yolov5 and Bytetrack. He has a passion for building practical systems and making them work for real life problems.


Abdul Rehman Bin Saad

Machine Learning Engineer

An expert Machine Learning engineer and a qualified Data Scientist, currently supporting computer vision workflows at an EdTech company and building on off-the-shelf products that gracefully support their journey towards a digital education system. Computer Vision being part of the scientist’s core subject expertise is applied on exams data to help him build CV algorithms that drive success in the form of AI marked assessments.



Course Outline



Week 1

  • Python Basics

Week 2

  • Open CV
  • Basics of Impage Processing
  • Python
  • Read Image
  • Image Matrix
  • Threshold, Multiplication
  • Gradients
  • Resolution of Image
  • What is Video
  • Frames Per Second
  • Different Video Streaming Protocols

Week 3

  • Neural Network – Single Node
  • Multilayer Perceptrons
  • Forward Propagation Backward Propagation
  • Optimizers
  • Evaluation Metrics, Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Image Classification Project – live demonstration

Week 4

  • CNN Introduction + Background + Applications
  • Different layers (Each layer explained in depth)
  • Parameters/ Hyperparameters + Optimizers + Side concepts
  • Making a CNN in Python with Tensorflow
  • Image Classification Project – live demonstration
  • CNN Variants

Week 5

  • Transfer learning
  • VGG network
  • RESNET network
  • Inception v1, v2, v3
  • Autoencoders

Week 6

  • Section introduction
  • Object localization
  • Object detection
  • Problem of scale and shape
  • Retina net
  • IOU and non-max suppression
  • RCNN model family and its limitiations
  • Yolo
  • Project : Custom object detector

Week 7

  • Introduction
  • Simple face recognition 1: Faces in wild (use PCA, SVM)
  • Simple face recognition 2: using DLIB and KNN/SVM
  • FaceNet by Google
  • Project: Custom Face Detection and Recognition

Week 8

  • Introduction and Applications
  • Generator and Discriminator
  • Project 1: create MNIST like dataset
  • PIX2PIX and Cycle GAN
  • Project 2: Satelite image to Google map like image translation


Pricing Details


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  • Actual Price
    • PKR 30,000 Per Person
    • Actual charges for complete Training



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should attend the course?

    Anyone who has an interest in Deep Learning, Computer Vision and its applications and is looking forward to further explore these domains to either extend their skillset for career opportunities or to simply learn about Computer Vision Systems.

    What is the timing of the course?

    Duration: 8 weeks (Sat-Sun)
    Timings: 10AM – 3PM

    Who are the Instructors?

    How much hands-on will be performed in this course?

    Since our courses are led by Industry Experts so it is made sure that content covered in course is designed with hand on knowledge of more than 70-75 % along with supporting theory.

    What are the PC requirements?

    Laptop with a working Internet Connection.

    Can i rejoin the training/workshop?

    Yes, you can rejoin the training within the span of an year of your registration. Please note following conditions in case you’re rejoining.
    1) There are only 5 seats specified for rejoiners in each iteration.
    2) These seats will be served on first come first basis.
    3) If you have not submitted your complete fee, you may not be able to rejoin. Your registration would be canceled.

    What if I miss any of the lectures?

    Don’t worry! We have got you covered. You shall be shared recorded lectures after each session, in case you want to revise your concepts or miss the lecture due to some personal or professional commitment.

    How will this training ensure hands-on practice?

    During the lectures, there will be demonstration and practical implementation of the concepts taught in the lectures. The participants would be encouraged to follow.

    What sort of projects will be part of this Live Training?

    This Certification Training course includes multiple real-time, industry-based projects, which will hone your skills as per current industry standards and prepare you for the future career needs.

    Different projects which will give the students applied knowledge to different computer vision problems taught in the lectures and the working behind them, using public datasets.

    Will I get a certificate after this course?

    Yes, you will be awarded with a course completion certificate by Dice Analytics. We also keenly conduct an annual convocation for the appreciation and recognition of our students.

    Can I get a job after this course?

    Since our instructors are industry experts so they do train the students about practical world and also recommend the shinning students in industry for relevant positions.