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Dice partners with PSEB to present a complete training on MEAN Full Stack Development.


In this course, you will learn to build a full stack web application using Node.js, AngularJS, Express.js and MongoDB. It will be a hands-on project-based course. By utilizing popular NPM modules and angular components we will build out our application to include the following functionality: upload capability, web scraping, infinite scrolling, single look detail pages, an admin area, a comment section, CRUD capabilities, and more.


We will be using Javascript on both the frontend and backend. And by using MongoDB as our database, we are able to make use of familiar JSON syntax.


70% Hands-on

30% Theory

Training Completion Certificate*

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50 Hrs


Hybrid (Onsite & Online)

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Wajeeh Ullah Saleem

Principal Software Engineer @ DatumSquare IT Services

Mr. Wajeeh brings in extensive experience of more than 15 years in the field. He is currently working as Principal Software Engineer on Node.js, Express.js, Electron and Couchdb, Microservices written in Cote.js. He has acquired multiple certifications from Microsoft & holds strong expertise in his area.

Course Outline

Module 1: All-in-One JavaScript Development Suite

  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • JavaScript for Beginning Web Developers
  • JavaScript for Absolute Beginners
  • Fundamentals of jQuery
  • Fundamentals of Ajax Development

Module 2: All-in-One HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 Suite

  • All-In-One HTML/HTML 5 and CSS/CSS3 Suite
  • Applying Designs to WireFrames with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Build your own HTML5 Video Player
  • Building Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Site Design
  • HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example – Educational Game
  • HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example – Veggies vs Zombies
  • Make HTML5 Games with No-Coding Required
  • Understanding HTML5 Input Types
  • Website Wireframing with HTML5 and CSS3

Module 3: Node.Js Training

  • Introduction and Foundation
  • Node Projects
  • Working with shrink-wrap to lock the node modules version
  • Working with asynchronous programming
  • Building a HTTP Server with Node.JS using HTTP APIs
  • File System
  • Buffers, Streams and Events
  • Multi-Processing in NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Express JS with MongoDB and Sqlite
  •, the Front-end and a Chat App
  • Introduction to Task Managers with unit testing

Module 4: Angular Training

  • What is a SPA? What is Angular?
  • Preparing for TypeScript
  • Angular-4 new features
  • Building with A4 Components
  • Bootstrap Scaffolding
  • Angular 4 Binding and Events
  • Dependency Injection and Services
  • Directives
  • Pipes
  • Forms
  • HTTP, Promises and Observables
  • Testing

Module 5: SQL

  • Rational Data bases
  • SQL Querying
  • Your First Queries
  • Filtering your Results
  • Consolidating your Data
  • Grouping your Data
  • Joining Tables
  • Subqueries
  • Manipulating your Data
  • Transaction Control
  • Creating Databases Objects and Adding Business Logic


  • For Students (only ICT Degree holders)
    • 100% FREE Complete Training Fee
  • For IT Professionals (Private Sector)
    • PKR 3,300 only 90% Subsidized for IT Professionals
  • For IT Professionals (Govt Sector)
    • 100% Free NOC Required

Criteria for Selection

IT Graduates


  1. Pakistani Nationals with valid CNIC
  2. Maximum age limit is 28 years
  3. Relevancy of the selected training with candidate qualification
  4. Will have to pass IT test to be prepared by the selected training firm
  5. First come first served basis after the announcement

IT Industry Professionals


  1. Pakistani National with Valid CNIC
  2. First come first basis after the announcement
  3. Participant’s employers or they themselves are ready to pay 10% of the training fee i.e.,3,300 (submit bank draft in the name of PSEB (GUARANTEE) LTD. CERT. OF IT PROF)
  4. Maximum age limit is 50 years

IT Professionals for Public Sectors


  1. Recommendation of the participants employers
  2. First come first served basis after the announcement
  3. Pakistani National with valid CNIC
  4. IT trainings would be free for the staff of IT professionals of public sector
  5. Maximum age limit is 50 years


Training Takeaways

In this training, participants will use cutting edge tools to build fast, robust Javascript based web applications with MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node. Throughout this training, participants will learn:



How to setup and implement the web front-end application with Angular

Using Angular Material for implementing a Material Design-based user interface

Setting up and running MongoDB

Implementing the back-end API with Node.js and Express.js

Connect the back-end server to the MongoDB database

Use Postman for testing the server API

Connecting the Angular font-end application to the Node.js back-end

Our Classroom Experience

Assignments & Quizzes

Ensure hands-on understanding of concepts learned during the training by hands-on quizzes & assignments.


Explore & network with other industry experts and students, connect with technical mentors and discover in real-time how to solve the challenges.

Industry oriented project

Build your skills through industry-oriented projects. Get personalized feedback from our industry experts.

Mentorship by Industry Experts

Get 1:1 guidance from our experts and get help with your unique learning plan & career tracks you should follow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the course?

  • Graduate or Masters Students from ICT Background (only)
  • Working Professionals from Private Sectors with ICT or Fintech background
  • Working Professionals from Government Sectors with ICT or Fintech background

Which documents are mandatory to submit before the training starts?

You must submit & bring photocopy of all your documents;

If ICT Student:

  • Resume
  • Graduation or Master degree
  • CNIC front & back

If ICT Private Sector Individual:

  • Resume
  • Graduation or Master degree
  • CNIC front & back
  • 10% Bank draft to be submitted in the name of PSEB (GUARANTEE) LTD. CERT. OF IT PROF

If ICT Govt Sector Individual:

  • Resume
  • Graduation or Master degree
  • CNIC front & back
  • NOC is a requirement from your organizations

What is the timing of the course?

Duration: 50 Hrs.
Timings: Will be announced soon

What sort of project will be part of this training?

During the course, you will also do a group project in which you will be setting up a development environment & develop and test business networks

How much hands-on will be performed in this course?

Since our courses are led by Industry Experts so it is made sure that content covered in course is designed with hand on knowledge of 70% along with supporting theory.

What is the Course Completion Certificate Criteria?

Following is the criteria of getting Training Completion Certificate:

  • 80% attendance
  • Pass the final test
  • Submission of assignments

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