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Getting intellectuals ready to become React Native developers!

An Industry-Expert Led Live Training

During this interactive training on Zoom you will learn how to create real-world apps using React Native, and prototype & deploy your own applications to the Apple and Google Play Stores.


At the end the training you will have in-depth understanding & hands-on related to app development using React Native.


Key Takeaways of this training:

  • Create real-world apps using React Native
  • Make truly reusable components that look great
  • Understand the terminology and concepts of Redux
  • Prototype and deploy your own applications to the Apple and Google Play Stores
  • Get up to speed with React design principles and methodologies
  • Discover mobile design patterns used by experienced engineers
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04 March, 2023

Duration & Timings

8 Weeks (Sat only)

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Urdu / Hindi

Seats Capacity

Limited seats!


Meet the trainer of this course.


Usman Kazmi

CEO @ Dynamo Apps

Usman Kazmi has worked in the industry as a game developer, mobile app engineer and product manager, He has a combined experience of more than 7 years and currently has his own company providing mobile app development. He has done mobile apps for different genre companies, using react native, flutter, ionic, native iOS & android.




Course Outline



Week 1

• Course Resources
• Course Overview
• Windows Setup Instructions
• macOS Setup Instructions
• Boilerplate Download
• App Setup
• Bundler Not Launching Automatically in Browser?
• Making Changes
• Expo for Web Browser – Do Not Skip
• Using iOS and Android Simulators

Week 2

• Showing a Custom Component
• Common Questions and Answers
• Rules of JSX
• One Common Error
• JSX Exercise Overview
• JSX Solution

Week 3

• Building Lists
• The FlatList Element
• Rendering a FlatList
• Why a Key Property?
• Solving the Key Issue
• A Few Props around FlatList
• Exercise Overview
• Exercise Solution

Week 4

• Button Types
• Buttons in Action
• Touchable Opacity in Action
• Navigating with React Navigation
• Destructuring Props

Week 5

• Component Reuse with Props
• Exercise Solution
• Parent-Child Relationships
• Communicating from Parent to Child
• Images Download
• Showing Images
• Passing Images as Props
• Exercise Outline
• Exercise Solution

Week 6

• State in Components
• Screen Boilerplate
• State in Action
• Coordinating State
• Validating State Changes
• Reusable State Updates
• Introduction to Reducers
• Creating a Reducer
• Applying State with a Reducer
• Handling Text Input
• Showing a Text Input
• Two Important Props
• Weird Things with Text and State
• Updating State

Week 7

• Layout with React Native
• Basics of Box Object Model
• AlignItems with Flex
• Flex Direction
• Justify Content
• Flex Values
• Align Self on Children
• The Position Property
• Top, Bottom, Left, Right
• Absolute Fill Objects
• Applying Layout Systems
• Exercise Overview
• Exercise Solution

Week 8

• Project like Restaurant App and as per choice
• Public APIs Available
• Yelp

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  • Individual Price
    • PKR 30,000 Per Person
    • Total charges for complete training
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  • Group of Two
  • Group of Three

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should attend the course?

    Graduate or Masters Students with IT, CS or SE background who want to start their career in the App Development domain

    People who are working in the App Development domain and want to advance their career in React Native

    Executive who want to build an App Development department in their start-ups/organizations

    What is the timing of the course?

    Duration: 8 weeks (Sat only)
    Timings: 10AM – 2PM

    Who are the Instructors?

    Usman Kazmi

    How much hands-on will be performed in this course?

    Since our courses are led by Industry Experts so it is made sure that content covered in course is designed with hand on knowledge of more than 70-75 % along with supporting theory.

    What are the PC requirements?

    For Big Data Analytics Professional course, you need to have a PC with minimum 8GB RAM and maximum 16GB RAM.

    Can i rejoin the training/workshop?

    Yes, you can rejoin the training within the span of an year of your registration. Please note following conditions in case you’re rejoining.
    1) There are only 5 seats specified for rejoiners in each iteration.
    2) These seats will be served on first come first basis.
    3) If you have not submitted your complete fee, you may not be able to rejoin. Your registration would be canceled.

    What if I miss any of the lectures?

    Don’t worry! We have got you covered. You shall be shared recorded lectures after each session, in case you want to revise your concepts or miss the lecture due to some personal or professional commitment.

    How will this training ensure hands-on practice?

    For executing the practical’s included in the Big Data Training, you will set-up tool on your machine. The installation manual for tool prep will be provided to help you install and set-up the required environment.

    What sort of projects will be part of this Live Training?

    This Certification Training course includes multiple real-time, industry-based projects, which will hone your skills as per current industry standards and prepare you for the future career needs.

    Will I get a certificate after this course?

    Yes, you will be awarded with a course completion certificate by Dice Analytics. We also keenly conduct an annual convocation for the appreciation and recognition of our students.

    Can I get a job after this course?

    Since our instructors are industry experts so they do train the students about practical world and also recommend the shinning students in industry for relevant positions.