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Learn Data Analytics using Microsoft SQL Server

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The world runs on data, data is all around us, but without analytics it’s just numbers and noise. The role of the analytics is to convert this raw data into insights and drive successful decision. The best way to learn analytics is to explore the most in demand and widely used analytics stack offered by Microsoft. Join us to learn end-to-end data analytics using SQL Server, Integration Services, Azure Data Factory and Power BI.


At the end of the course, candidates will have in-depth understanding & hands-on related to Data Analytics using SQL Server tools.

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Our Approach for Zoom Interactive Classes

After establishing a reputable Physical Training Model, based on our stellar records and customer earned trust we gradually progressed to establish the same reputation in the Zoom based Live Training Model. We are committed to empower you by making our trainings accessible, interactive, and well curated specifically to your objective.

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04 February


8 weeks


11AM – 4PM  (SAT & SUN)




Meet the instructors for the Training


Muhammad Ishtiaq

Principal Data Engineer @ Wiseman Innovations

Muhammad Ishtiaq has been working in the Business Intelligence domain since 2013. He started his technical journey in 2013 with Touchstone Communication. He has a great passion for SSIS. He is driven by major exposure in the call center industry to perform the ETL operation and then apply data mining techniques to boost their sales & resource management activities. He joined Wiseman Innovations as a Principal Data Engineer with major exposure in the healthcare industry, ETL processes, and Data Modeling. He has a great passion to provide and transfer Knowledge on ETL processes and automation in an interactive environment.

Course Outline

Week 1

  • Introduction to Data Analytics (01 hour)
    • What is a database?
    • ETL vs ELT
    • What is a Data warehouse?
    • Characteristics of DWH


  • Overview of Microsoft Stack for Data Analytics (30 mins)
    • SQL Server
    • SSIS
    • SSAS
    • SSRS
    • Power BI
    • Azure Data Factory
    • Azure Synapse Analytics


  • SQL Workshop – Part I (2 hours)
    • Single Table Operations


  • SSIS Introduction and Installation
    • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) & ETL / DWH
    • Advantages of SSIS for Data Loads, Operations, ETL, Warehouse
    • SSIS Tools: SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools), ETL Wizards
    • SSIS Design / Development and LIVE (Deployment) Environment
    • Understanding Data Warehouse (DWH) Design and ETL Process
    • DWH and ETL Structures, Implementations with MSBI SSIS
    • SSIS ETL Operations for Data Reads, Data Cleansing, DWH
    • Data Warehouse (DWH) Design Principles and Design Plan
    • SSIS 2019: SSIS Database Installations
    • SSIS Database & Catalog Folders – Purpose
    • SSIS Catalog Database (SSIS DB): Creation, Verification
    • Version Control Options and SSIS Design Plan – Tools Usage

Week 2

  • SQL Workshop – Part II
    • Multiple Table Operations


    • Control Flow Tasks – Architecture, Purpose and Usage
    • Data Flow Tasks – Architecture, Purpose and Usage
    • Creating SSIS Packages for Basic Data Flow Operations
    • SSIS Solutions, Projects, and Package Creation. Tasks
    • Need For Data Pipelines & Connections in Data Flow Tasks
    • Understanding SSIS Package (Program) Execution Process
    • Working with Data Flow Objects and Tasks in SSIS
    • Using OLE DB and SQL Server Connections – Usage
    • SSIS Package Creation Process – Using Control Flow Items
    • Using DTSX Files for SSIS Package Execution. Audits
    • SSIS Execution Context, SSIS Package Errors and Logs
    • Data Flow Transformation: Conditional Split, Expressions
    • Excel Connections, Sheets,
    • SSIS 64 Bit and 32 Bit Configuration Settings and Options

Week 3

  • SQL Workshop – Part III
    • Data Description Language (DDL)


    • MERGE Transformation and UNION ALL Transformation
    • SORT Transformation, NOSORT Options, Advanced Sort
    • Data Conversion Transformation and SSIS Expressions


    • Execute SQL Task and OLE DB Queries – Connection Options
    • Transaction Options for SSIS Executables – Package Level
    • Precedence Constraints – Success / Failure / Completion
    • SSIS Checkpoints – Purpose and Usage with Data Flow Tasks
    • Checkpoint Files and SSIS Logging Options – Package, Tasks
    • Transactions with Checkpoint File Usage in SSIS Packages
    • Checkpoint Options – Advantages, Usage and Limitations
    • SSIS Input Columns, Mappings and Source Column Values
    • Using Data Viewer (Debugging) for Data Transfer Verifications

Week 4

  • SQL Workshop – Part IV
    • Aggregate functions, Window aggregate functions, Order analytical functions
    • Temporary Tables
    • Sub-queries


    • SSIS Package Events : Validation Events, Execution Events
    • Pre Execution, Progress and Cleanup Events in SSIS
    • Auditing SSIS Events, Errors / Warnings / Information
    • Configuring and Using sysssislog System Tables
    • Package Debugging : Data Viewers and Breakpoints
    • ForEach Loop Container Usage. File Connections, Variables
    • Defining Variables for Connections. DFT, Control Flow Links
    • Dynamic Connections with Variables. Connection Strings
    • SSIS Expressions and Usage for ETL and DWH
    • FOR LOOP Expressions in SSIS, Examples for ETL
    • SSIS Expression Builder, Functions, Evaluated Values
    • Using Execute SQL Task : Variables, Return Values

Week 5

    • Data Warehouse design


    • Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Model
    • Data Modeling and Schema Design
    • ETL vs ELT
    • BI Data Modeling


    • SQL Workshop – Part V
      • Views
      • Stored Procedures and Functions
      • Indexing and Constraints


      • SSISDB Catalog Deployments – Process & ISPAC Files
      • SSIS Package Jobs @ SQL Server Agent. SSIS Job Steps
      • SSIS Job Schedules and Notifications
      • SSIS Package Imports and Exports with ISPAC Files
      • SSIS Package Execution Reports; Validation Reports


    • Course Project with DWH
      • SSIS ETL & DWH with STAR Schema
      • SSIS ETL & DWH with SNOWFLAKE Schema
      • Dimension Table Design & Business Keys
      • Fact Table Design & Data Integrity
      • Incremental Data Loads with Containers
      • Staging Tables, Master – Child Packages
      • Measures
      • KPI’s
      • Relationship modelling

Week 6

    • Introduction to Cloud and Advantages
    • Cloud Architecture : IaaS,PasS,SaaS
    • Microsoft Cloud Advantages : Azure
    • Azure Data Factory (ADF) : Need
    • Purpose of ADF & Advantages
    • ADF Components Overview, Use
    • SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
    • Azure Data Factory Architecture
    • ADF : Data Processing Components
    • ADF : Data Movement Components
    • Data Pipelines and ADF Activities
    • ADF with Azure Services, Resources


    • DTU Concept and Automated Tuning ( a 15 min session)

Week 7

  • Introduction to DAX Language
  • Creating DAX Measures
  • Evaluating DAX Measures
  • Leverage Calculate Functions functionality
  • Power Function/ Divide Function
  • MTD, QTD and YTD Date Calculations
  • Business Use Case implementation in Power BI (Assignment)
  • Connecting with Different Data Sources in Tableau
  • Data preparation with Tableau
  • Live Vs Extract
  • Data Source Filters
  • Basic Report Creation
  • Understanding of Rows and Columns
  • Leveraging the Use of Marks Labels to enrich information in Reports
  • Visualization best practices with real world examples
  • Grouping fields in Tableau
  • Interactive Filters

Week 8

  • Types of filters
  • Advanced Filter Calculations
  • Enhancing user interactivity thorough parameters
  • Pages
  • Maps in Tableau
  • Importing custom geocoding in Tableau
  • Visualize your data on map through spatial files
  • Building a Dashboard
  • Leveraging the use of Interactivity in Dashboards through Actions
  • Designing and implementation of dashboard
  • Designing of dashboard for mobile & Tablets
  • Extensions
  • Enriching information by creating Calculated Fields
  • Calculation Syntax
  • Date/Logic/String Calculations
  • Advance Calculations (LODs)
  • LODs real world Use cases
  • Visual analytics
  • Pareto Chart
  • Business Use Case implementation in Tableau (Assignment)

Pricing Details


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  • Actual Training Price
    • PKR 30,000 Per Person
    • Total charges for complete training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the course?

Graduate or Masters Students with IT, CS or Business background who want to start their career in the Data Analytics domain

People who are working in the BI domain and want to advance their career in the field of Data Analytics

Executive who want to build a Data Analytics department in their start-ups/organizations

What is the timing of the course?

Duration: 8 weeks (SAT&SUN)
Timings: 11AM – 4PM

Who are the Instructors?

How much hands-on will be performed in this course?

Since our courses are led by Industry Experts so it is made sure that content covered in course is designed with hand on knowledge of more than 90 % along with supporting theory.

What are the PC requirements?

You need to have a PC with minimum 4GB RAM.

For Mac Users: We don’t recommend having Mac device for the training since power BI tool doesn’t work for it.

What if I miss any of the lectures?

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. You shall be shared recorded lectures after each session, in case you want to revise your concepts or miss the lecture due to some personal or professional commitment.

How will this training ensure hands-on practice?

For executing the practical’s included in the training, you will set-up tool on your machine. The installation manual for tool prep will be provided to help you install and set-up the required environment.

What sort of projects will be part of this Live Training?

This Certification Training course includes multiple real-time, industry-based projects, which will hone your skills as per current industry standards and prepare you for the future career needs.

Will I get a certificate after this course?

Yes, you will be awarded with a course completion certificate by Dice Analytics. We also keenly conduct an annual convocation for the appreciation and recognition of our students.

Can I get a job after this course?

Since our instructors are industry experts so they do train the students about practical world and also recommend the shinning students in industry for relevant positions.

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