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SQL Fundamentals


About SQL Workshop

A 16 hours extensive workshop on “SQL” programming on Retail Industry Dataset! During this workshop, you will be able to learn SQL starting from basics and moving to advance level. Also, you will be covering SQL’s Analytical and Aggregate functions. In the hands-on, you will be using the technologies learned throughout the workshop under the supervision of trainers. Furthermore, you will also be offered preparation on 200 Plus Interviews Questions.


By the end of the workshop, you will be awarded completion certificate from Dice Analytics.

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2 Weeks (Saturdays Only)


09:00AM to 06:00PM


20 Seats Left

Meet the Instructors

Meet the trainers of this course who are SQL experts & are highly experienced!


Sajjad Mehmood Awan

Project Manager & Teradata 14 Certified Professional

With 10+ years of experience in web application development and project management, my passion for SQL has brought me into the field of Data Analytics...


Nabeel Waqar Wyne

Data Analyst

Information Systems & Management graduate with a 2:2 honours degree from ‘The University of London’ with one and a half year of experience in field of BI and Data Analytics domain

Course Outline

Week 1

Intro to SQL

DDL & DML languages

Create Table

Drop Table

Alter Table

SQL Select

SQL Select Distinct

SQL Where

SQL and, or, between & in operators

SQL Logical Operators

SQL Order By

SQL Insert Into

SQL Null Values

SQL Update

SQL Delete/Truncate

SQL Select Top

SQL Count, Avg, Sum, Min and Max

SQL Like/ Wildcards

SQL Aliases

SQL Joins

Sql Inner, Left, Right, Full and Self Join

Week 2

Cartesian Product

Self Join

SQL Union

SQL Group By

SQL Having

SQL Select Into

SQL Insert Into

SQL Data Casting

Create Volatile Tables

Volatile Tables Advance

SQL Coalesce

SQL Case

SQL Advance Cases

SQL Substr

SQL Trim

SQL If Else




Unbounded Preceding

Unbounded Following

Rows Preceding

Sql Ordered Analytical Functions

Sql Windows Aggregate Functions

Sql Subquery

Query Optimization

Preparations for 200 plus Interviews Questions


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